Rug Service

Free pickup/delivery service within twenty miles of Charleston, WV.

A delivery charge will be applied outside of this area.

Water/Mold/Fire Restoration

We offer emergency water extraction and drying for your fine rugs after a water loss.  Response time is very important after a water loss to avoid dye migration and microbial growth.  After this initial drying, dry soil is removed and an immersion washing is performed utilizing disinfectants, woolsafe detergents and our rapid drying process.





"We pamper and rejuvenate your rugs."



     304-545-0920  M-F 8:30am-5:30pm, Saturday By Appt.

Fabric Protection & Moth Prevention

We carry an approved WoofSafe rug protectant that can be applied to rugs after washing. This will protect your rugs against future spills and soil. A moth prevention product can also be applied to deter fiber-destroying insects. These steps can prolong the life of your rugs and help with future maintenance.


Pet Odor Removal

We all love our pets, but sometimes they make mistakes. Our services include guaranteed pet odor removal. This process removes the source of the odor, discouraging your pet from returning to the area.

Oriental Rug Repair

 Oriental & Area Rug Washing

Our rug cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection with the customer to determine existing conditions. Once the rug arrives at the rug studio, we perform a colorfastness test and determine the appropriate cleaning method for the specific type of fiber and dye. Specialized equipment allows for thorough dusting that will remove 10 times the amount of dry soil than normal vacuuming.

After dusting, the rug is washed with an approved WoolSafe detergent with specialized rotating brushes designed specifically for wool rugs. Our immersion washing and rinsing system eliminates detergent residue, which can cause re-soiling and fiber deterioration.

Once rinsing is complete and the water has been extracted in our centrifuge rug wringer, the rug is groomed to set the pile in its original direction - to prevent fiber distortion and straighten the fringe. Rugs are then speed-dried in our heated drying room and fringe is detailed. The last step in the process is the post-cleaning inspection to look for any areas that may need extra attention.