"We pamper and rejuvenate your rugs."

     304-545-0920  M-F 8:00am-5:00pm, Saturday By Appt.

What type of rugs do you clean?

-  We clean all types of rugs. Unlike wall to wall carpet,  most rugs are made with natural fibers and the cleaning process varies depending on the condition of the rug and the types of fibers.  We clean wool, silk and cotton as well as other plant based fibers like jute and sisal normally found in handmade rugs.. 

Will you come pickup our rugs or can we drop them off?

 Yes, both. We offer free pickup and delivery in the Charleston, WV area or within 15 miles of Cross Lanes, for larger rugs or orders over $300.   The rug needs to be free of furniture or rolled up and ready to go.  We no longer move beds or furniture that requires disassembly.  We do charge extra to move any furniture based upon the rug size.  We also request you drop off and pickup smaller rugs at our drop off / pick up site located just off the Cross Lanes Exit 47 of I-64 at 344 Old Goff Mountain Road.  There is a 15% discount when you drop off and pickup.   Call us for more details at 304-545-0920.

How much does it cost to have my rug cleaned?

-   The price varies depending on rug size, type, overall conditions present and if furniture needs to be moved.  Questions I may ask you in return to determine your estimate are as follows;  1. What is the size of your rug? (feet and inches, length and width not including fringe)  2. Does your rug have fringe?  3. Is there a tag on one of the back corners of the rug (info)?   4. Is there a cover on the back of your rug or can you see the pattern?  5.  Does the rug have pet urine, stains or any other odor related conditions present?  6.  If you would like your rugs picked up and does any furniture need to be moved that requires two people (explain)? 7. Do you plan to drop off or do you need to schedule a pickup?

Do you repair rugs?

-  Yes, we do provide some repairs. It is best to email pictures to wvrugcleaning@suddenlink.net.  Most of the time we can determine repair from the pictures or may have you bring the rug in for further inspection.  

Do you perform binding services?

Yes, we perform serging only.  This is described in more detail under our RUG SERGING tab at the top of the page.  There is a minimum charge of $65 for this service.

How can I protect my rug?

-1. We offer rug padding that can be cut to fit your rug after cleaning.  2. We can apply a Wool safe approved fiber protector after cleaning to minimize stains and soiling.  3. We can apply a Moth deterrent product after cleaning to prevent future damage from fiber destroying insects like moths or carpet beetles.  4. We can also wrap your rug for storage or transporting.