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"We pamper and rejuvenate your rugs."

Customer Testimonials


"We just got our three thirty-three-year-old Oriental rugs back from Brian and Cindy. We are thrilled! After four children and two dogs, I didn't think that they could possibly look this good again. The colors are so rich and vibrant and the fringe is so white! The vacuum cleaner had steadily 'eaten' the fringe and edges on two of the rugs. Cindy attached new fringe that looks wonderful and did a great job of repairing the edges. We would heartily recommend Brian's Rug Care of WV for any rug."

Steve and Marty Davis

Summersville, WV

"What a fine job Brian did with a family heirloom Persian rug that dates back to the 1890's! We've had it cleaned several times before but this is the first time we've used Brian and I must say, the colors in the rug seem more vivid than ever. After he and Cindy delivered it, I sent several other rugs back with them to be cleaned and repaired and know that they are in good hands. I highly recommend Brian's Rug Care and so glad there are local people who do such a good job. Very professional and very nice!"

Debbie Eads

Charleston, WV

"I want to rave about Brian's rug cleaning. He has now cleaned five Oriental rugs for me. The colors are vivid and the patterns are crisp, yet the nap is still soft and natural. It is actually exciting to see the rugs roll out! He and his wife even repaired some edges and replaced the fringe on one rug such that it looks totally original. Brian also has cleaned my three wall-to-wall wool rugs and the white one in the bedroom looks like new. He is a miracle worker! Plus, Brian and his wife are good honest hardworking people. You will get excellent value. In fact, I think he charges too little for all the hard work and results he delivers."

Kit Wellford

Charleston, WV

"Brian did a wonderful job on two of my rugs. I had been worried about cleaning a third rug - one that I purchased twenty-five years ago in New York. After seeing the first results, I trusted Brian with washing this rug, too, and was very pleased with the results. I have recommended Brian's Rug Care to friends and neighbors who are worried about cleaning their fine rugs."

R. Peyton

Charleston, WV

"A pleasure to recommend Brian Limer for any and all rug services. Brian is most knowledgeable about rug history and dyes, as his certification states. He is personal, professional, and cooperative in every way. He also arranged shipping services for us."

R.M. Perkins

The Greenbrier

White Sulphur Springs, WV

"I have been a store owner in the carpet and rug industry for twenty years. Over the years, I have been contacted many times by customers inquiring about quality care for their fine rugs and I never had a contact for this service in the Charleston area. One day, Brian Limer came into my store and introduced himself as a business owner in the area that specialized in fine rug care. It was immediately clear that Brian was truly a trained and experienced professional in his trade. We have needed someone in the Charleston, WV and surrounding areas to perform these services. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Brian's Rug Care for your rug cleaning needs, as he is very competent and extremely personable to do business with."

Susan Johnson, Owner

The Carpet Gallery

Charleston, WV

"I'm writing to thank you again for doing such an incredible job on the cleaning and addition of a new binding on my almost-forty-year-old area rug. It is as you restored it to its former beauty, and it now owns the dining room - putting my art collection to shame (well, almost). We love it, and for me, it is like seeing with new eyes an old and dear friend after many years. That rug has been with me through so many travels, including Europe and back, and I was beginning to wonder if it was on its last legs. But, not so!

Your work is amazing, and the detail in the new binding and repairs is nothing short of perfect. I cannot recommend you highly enough. I encourage anyone considering such a cleaning to do yourself a favor, and call Brian's Rug Care. We have another rug you cleaned sitting yet unrolled on the floor as the room is undergoing some wall repairs, but we cannot wait to unroll it and enjoy it just as much. And, finally, I have to say this. You do not charge enough for your services.

We will tell everyone we know about you, and we wish you great success!"

Mark Tobin Moore, M.F.A.

Instructor of Art

Concord University (Beckley Campus)

Athens, WV

Donna Whitten

Akers Law Offices, PLLC

Charleston, WV

"Brian and Cindy are wonderful to work with and are truly gifted at handling Oriental rugs. I've had Brian clean all the rugs in my house and am totally satisfied with the outcome.  The rugs came back with more vivid color and softness. In addition, my oldest and most cherished rug was showing its age. Cindy not only repaired it but actually restored the rug to what I imagined it would have looked liked 100 years ago. Brian and Cindy are just the best."

Cloyd Conner

​Charleston, WV

"We have used Brian exclusively ever since he cleaned and repaired a large, handmade wool rug for a friend of ours, returning it to its original beautiful condition. He provides friendly and prompt service (home pick up and delivery!), very competitive pricing and great stories about his Navy days with the Blue Angels!  :)."

​Beth Morrison

​St. Albans, WV

​"Outstanding rug service! They have cleaned and repaired oriental rugs that have been in our family for years.  Brian and Cindy are the best and exhibit the utmost in attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism.  Highly recommend!"

Betsy Dulin

Moseley, VA

​"I have an older dog that has accidents if I do not get him outside fast enough. I also have a carpet cleaning machine, that I "thought" was getting my dark colored area rug clean. Until I realized that I could detect odors, even after cleaning. I started to throw the rug away and then I remembered  Brian's Rug Care in Cross Lanes WV. I had no clue how filthy that rug was until Brian cleaned it. It looks like it did when I purchased it in 2001 and it smells amazing! No more personal cleaning machines for me!"

Cynthia Hale

​Charleston, WV

​"Brian offers customers more than just excellent rug care, cleaning and repair. His knowledge of rugs, both fine and tribal, is much appreciated. His excellent customer service is evident in the time he takes to make sure you know how to best care for your rugs for the long term. If you're not sure of the value or origin of your rugs, he can tap into his impressive network of rug experts across the country to get answers to nearly any question his customers may have. He's taken the time to study for and earn the top certifications. He and his wife are awesome."

​Sarah Halstead

​Charleston, WV

​"One of the best services experiences I have ever had. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and his workmanship is that of a perfectionist. My rugs look better than the day they were  purchased  I highly recommend Brian's Rug Care!!!"

​Jan Sandler

​Ambler, PA