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What is Binding?

‚Äč- Binding a carpet / rug involves sewing or gluing a binding tape to the edges to give it a finished look.  The binding tape is usually a 7/8 or 1 1/4 inch cotton or polyester material.

What is Serging?

- A serged edge is a continuos wrap of yarn that wraps around the edge of the rug.  Serging can be done by hand or machine.  The finished edge width is approximately 3/8 inch.  The yarn is selected to perfectly match or complement the color or colors of the rug.  The yarn can be polyester, cotton or wool.  Serging gives the rug a beautiful, finished look.

Our Rug Serging service will normally apply a binding tape to the edge of the rug, followed by serging a yarn around the edge of the rug. This process is accomplished by our machines.  We have several colors of yarn in polyester, cotton and wool available.  The results are a good finishing option if you want a smooth, eleghant yarn edge.  

Custom made rugs and runners - available upon request.